Mark Kornachuk
Mark Kornachuk
Title: Head Coach - Women's Volleyball
Phone: 207-999-9836

Fall 2012 will mark the 1st season as a college head coach for Mark Kornachuk.  A rookie to the rank, but a veteran of the game, Kornachuk has already hit the ground running.

"My first order of business is to see where we stand in both athleticism and mental cohesiveness.  I want a team that not only plays with skill but also a team that can be smart out on the court.  I would like to see individual players that can adapt to opponent's skill levels and strategies in the middle of plays, sets or matches.  As a team, i want to see a cohesive unit on the court working to overcome weaknesses and building on each others strengths.  All this depends on how well the basic skill sets of the players are so as a team we are 'going back to basics'.  We will build this team with every practice but first we need a solid foundation of skills to build that on," says Kornachuk.

Kornachuk has been playing volleyball for 25 years and brings a large amount of knowledge on what it takes to win.  He has worked with different coaches and teams who have had different ideas on what it takes to win and has pledged to take the best of those ideas and applying them to his team.  Knowing and teaching techniques is an area that Kornachuk feels is a strength of his that he can pass along to his players. 

"I am very strong in getting an inexperienced player up to speed quickly so they are a very viable part of the team.  I also believe i am able to mold a team into a unit regardless of the varying skill levels of the individual players.

I am looking forward to the challenges and rewards the UMPI volleyball team will give me as their new coach.  I am excited to be involved with volleyball in Northern Maine and hope to be able to pass on my love of the game to not only my players but the local community as well."