Mark Kornachuk
Mark Kornachuk
Title: Head Coach - Women's Volleyball
Phone: 207-999-9836
2016 will mark the 5th season Coach Kornachuk will helm the UMPI Owls volleyball team.  Each year the team has grown in skill, experience and have added more wins than the previous season.  As 2016 approaches, the Owls team faces a new beginning and a new program direction.  With recruiting at an all time high and the possibility for more starters to be freshmen, UMPI is looking to be a very good fit for players around the country.

The volleyball program will be taking a new direction in 2016 toward a higher skill level and more experience as players join the team early.  Coach Kornachuk has made it clear to new recruits that this coming season the team will be made up of players who are aggressive, hungry for a win, want to challenge themselves with hard plays and big teams but also to be in a building mode.  This building of a program is an investment that players will be a part of from their freshmen to senior year where they can look back upon graduation not only as a part of a team but as part of the foundation to a strong program that will last for seasons to come.  This is not for every player, the dedication, time investment and daily challenges they will face is more than a regular freshman will see.  "I will play whoever wants the spot most whether they be freshman or senior.  The starting six will have earned their position from hard work and team unity in practice."

the 2016 UMPI Owls will be a team made of hitters who want to crush the ball, blockers who will be a wall that will stop any hit from coming across, defensive players that do not allow the ball to hit the court, players who uplift each other on and off court, and student-athletes looking to be successful post graduation. "Education is primary for my team, I want to see every one of my players graduate and move on to the next phase of their life with the tools needed to be a success."  This easily translates from the game to the classroom;  "Volleyball is an extremely mental game that deals with finesse, observation, preparation, court awareness, physical control, individualism in a team environment.  These characteristics are found in the post graduate world as well.  By striving to be a success on court, the player enhances their ability to use the tools from a college education to become a success in their chosen field."

Kornachuk has been playing and coaching volleyball for 30 years and brings a large amount of knowledge on what it takes to win.  He has worked with different coaches and teams who have had different views on what it takes to win and has pledged to take the best of those views and apply them to his team.