Owls Lose Both Matches at Colby

Owls Lose Both Matches at Colby

Waterville, ME – The UMPI Owls volleyball team played in their second day at Waterville, hosted by Colby College. The Owls played Colby in the first match followed by Saint Joseph's (Maine). UMPI lost the first match vs Colby in three sets and lost the second three sets to one.

Match 1 vs Colby College

Set 1

25-16, Colby

An early lead by the Mules was followed by some back and forth brining the score to 16-13 in the Mules favor. Colby continued to push their lead and eventually take the set.

UMPI: 8 kills on 39 attack attempts

Colby: 17 kills on 44 attack attempts

Set 2

25-21, Colby

Some early back and forth brought the score to 7-6 in the Mules favor. Colby followed with a 9-0 run to give them a substantial lead.

UMPI: 9 kills on 30 attack attempts

Colby: 13 kills on 35 attack attempts

Set 3

25-9, Colby

Colby continued their run from the following game, as they finished the last set only allowing nine points.

UMPI: 4 kills on 34 attack attempts

Colby: 11 kills on 26 attack attempts


Makayla Miskiwicz led the Owls again in their second match of the weekend, finishing with six kills on 20 attack attempts. Kylee Blazick and Amalie Erives each led the Owls on the defensive end with 12 digs.


Match 2 vs Saint Joseph's (ME)

Set 1

27-25, UMPI

Some early back and forth play from the two teams brought the game to 13 points each. The Monks went on a small run giving them a 20-16 lead. Some more back and forth brought the game to 23-20 in the Monks favor. UMPI came out with a huge answer with a five-point run. The game at 25 each, the Owls then scored back-to-back points to take the first set.

UMPI: 15 kills on 55 attack attempts

St. Joe's: 11 kills on 53 attack attempts

Set 2

25-13, St. Joe's

The Monks answered in the next set, coming out of the gate with a 6-1 lead. The Monks were able to keep this lead throughout the set, eventually taking the set, 25-13

UMPI: 3 kills on 35 attack attempts

St. Joe's: 11 kills on 37 attack attempts

Set 3

25-21, St. Joe's

Another back and forth with six ties throughout the set, the Monks were able to take the slight edge late in the set, to give them the win.

UMPI: 5 kills on 43 attack attempts

St. Joe's: 15 kills on 47 attack attempts

Set 4

25-16, St. Joe's

Despite the early tie, the Monks were able to gain and maintain the lead to put the match away.

UMPI: 7 kills on 32 attack attempts

St. Joe's: 6 kills on 27 attack attempts


Paige McArthur (USMC) led the Owls with 10 kills on 32 attempts to go along with her 6 digs. Alexis Engel (Burns, WY) led the way with 22 of the teams 90 digs on the match. Kaya Amoroso (Milo, ME) led with 25 assists plus adding 18 digs. Makayla Miskiwicz (Orlando, FL) and Kylee Blazick (Ashley, PA) each added 16 digs.