Ghazaleh Sailors -- 2012-13 Al Arman "Make a Difference" Award

Ghazaleh Sailors -- 2012-13 Al Arman "Make a Difference" Award

This year’s female recipient has made a difference for all three of her teams leading by example even though she is very new to two of those sports.  Her enthusiasm can be infectious and her teammates, even veterans, are positively affected by it.  She was a key component in the mix making the 2012 women’s cross-country running team a close knit and very much mutually supportive and cohesive unit. 

Her visible work ethic in practice was picked up on and commented on by her mates early on.  Her finishing at the back of our group in early running and skiing races allowed her mates to see her efforts, indicating to all that she was one to make extreme efforts in working toward team success.  She improved greatly throughout the running season and finished fourth at UCSAA nationals, helping the team to solidify a seventh place finish. 

Her ski season was cut short by the start of baseball season but her contributions up to that point helped carry the women’s team through the end of the season.  This year in baseball she has broken down more barriers as she started three games for the baseball team this year and picked up her first win this past weekend.

Ladies and gentlemen, you’re 2012-13 Al Arman (Make a Difference) Award winner:  Runner, Skiier, and Starting Pitcher… 

 Ghazaleh Sailors (So./Santa Barbara, CA)