Shawn Windle -- Hall of Fame Class of 2012

Shawn Windle  -- Hall of Fame Class of 2012

Shawn Windle’s career as a student-athlete at UMPI was short-lived.  Yet he would go on to have arguably the biggest impact on sports at the high collegiate and professional level than any other student to walk through Weiden Hall. 

By the time Shawn came to UMPI he had been to other colleges and tried other career paths.  However it was at UMPI that he found a way to combine his love of sports with a fulfilling career.  By the accounts of many that he played with, Shawn was a great teammate, always concerned with helping make the team better.  He brought those traits with him into athletic training and strength and conditioning.  The result was a drive to constantly educate himself on how to get the players he was working with better. 

A testament to the success Shawn has had since first arriving at UMPI can best be told by those he came in contact with, who clamoured for the opportunity to relay to tonight’s attendees the impact he had.

My friend, Shawn Windle was not only a great role player on some of UMPI’s greatest basketball teams, but most significantly he was a great TEAM man.  Sheer numbers will not convey Shawn’s abilities as a player. Those who saw him play will remember the tall, athletic kid from Auburn who liked to feature in the more physical aspects of the game. But to his team mates, it was the often overlooked attributes that Shawn brought in abundance that were key drivers in the success of the mid 90’s UMPI teams. In the locker room, at training….heck, even during the game, Shawn always brought a skewed sense of humor that lightened the heavier moments. He brought an energy that was infectious to his team mates and a dedication to excellence which has clearly continued into his professional life.
Simon Mitchell—Former UMPI teammate

There is nothing superficial and no hidden motivation in his demeanor. Because of this people trust him and believe in him.  Although he was not a four year player at UMPI, his presence was felt by the members of those teams by his interest and support of their efforts.  In short, he was still a teammate. Through UMPI, he had matured, found his passion as an athletic trainer and began to chart his professional course without hesitation. In short, he was respected as a teammate, and then, a professional from an early age.
     I have no doubt that the respect he has now earned from the players he trains and from the peers he interacts with is not solely derived from his skills and knowledge, but through his sincerity and understanding of "team". All of us who have been part of Shawn's life are proud of what he has accomplished but, more importantly, feel privileged for what he has brought to us all.  He is a credit to his family, his teammates, his education and to his own character.
--Karl Henrikson Shawn’s former UMPI basketball coach

Shawn has elevated the education and training that he received from the University of Maine at Presque Isle into a career that many could never dream to achieve.  He has demonstrated that to graduate from a small northern university, one can still take their place among the best that this country produces.
Richard Ward – Former UMPI Athletic Director 

During Shawn’s time here, men’s basketball won our first NCAA National Championship in 1999.  While we can’t give Shawn all the credit, he was certainly an integral part of our team effort to become one of the elite programs in the nation.  He understood the importance of educating the young guys on taking care of themselves, both on and off the court.
Jim Calhoun – Head Coach University of Connecticut men’s basketball

Shawn, a native of Auburn, ME, was named the National Basketball Strength and Conditioning Association (NBSCA) “Strength and Conditioning Coach of the Year" in 2012.  As of the date of his induction, he was in his 7th year as the strength and conditioning coach for the Indiana Pacers and president of the NBSCA.

(inducted September 15th, 2012)